Lindsey Graham Then and Now

American Values Network agrees completely with what Senator Graham has said about climate change and the comprehensive climate bill now before the Senate…at least we agree with what he has said up until about a month ago. For most of this past year, we’ve been one of Senator Graham’s biggest supporters, even running a statewide Christian and Country radio campaign in support of his leadership.

Senator Graham was right when he said climate change isn’t a debate, it’s a value. He was right when he said our dependence on foreign oil posed one of the greatest threats to our economic and national security. He was right when he said this issue is too important to allow partisan squabbling to delay action. And he was right when he said that those who would suffer most from delay are our children and grandchildren. Senator Graham was right, but something has gone wrong over the last month. He’s gone from being a champion standing on principle to ensure the best for our country to becoming one of the loudest and most effective critics of the bill he helped write.

The truth of his words hasn’t changed. The pressing need hasn’t changed. And those who will suffer from delay haven’t changed. But Senator Graham has.

“Guidance” Radio Ad

- Ran statewide in February 2010

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This is Rev. Wiley Cooper. The Bible teaches that “where there is no guidance, a nation falls.” America is in need of guidance right now. All across the globe, climate change is devastating the lives of millions and contributing to political unrest that threatens our national security.

While creation waits with eager longing and our country looks for leaders willing to meet these challenges head on, too many politicians believe it’s safer to do nothing.
Fortunately our Senator Lindsey Graham is different. Putting country over party, he has become a key supporter of the climate bill in Congress that will create good jobs in our state and aid the least and last among us already struggling with the effects of climate change.

Now more than ever, we need leaders who will look for solutions instead of excuses. Thank you, Senator Graham. Paid for by

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