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The American Working Poor

Contrary to the dominant political narrative, a nationwide poll shows voters prefer candidates who talk about the working poor instead of only the middle class. The poll also shows the new messaging on poverty trumps the best language currently used by both the GOP and Democrats.

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A Vanishing Nuclear Threat

The Cold War is over.  So why do some in Congress want to spend more than $700 billion in nuclear programs that are based on maintaining a deterrent to decades old threats from the Soviet Union?  With deficits forcing cuts to Pentagon spending, we need to be funding modern equipment and training our troops to face modern threats

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The Moral Budget Approach

We believe that one aspect of the progressive response to budget proposals by the Republican leadership must be a willingness to discuss budget and tax policies from a moral perspective. We must challenge Republicans to continue during this debate on the budget the faith-laden dialogue that they so eagerly embrace on other issues.

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