March 30, 2015
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Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, 60k Christians, and U.S. Military Leaders
Call for Swift Sanctions on South Sudan Leaders

Washington, DC - In a full-page letter published in the Washington Post to President Obama, Ambassador Susan Rice, and Secretary John Kerry, U.S. military leaders urged the United States to lead the UN Security Council in swiftly implementing the recently adopted sanctions resolution to end the ongoing violent conflict in South Sudan. Over 60,000 American Christians have pledged their support for the goals of the letter and promised to pray for U.S. diplomatic leaders and peace in South Sudan this Easter.

"As the [civil war in South Sudan] drags on, it not only brings massive civilian suffering, but also increased risks of political instability across the entire region. With the range of security threats the U.S. already faces in that region and beyond, we cannot afford to allow further destabilization to take root," write the military leaders.

The letter, signed by retired generals and admirals, was headlined by Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Henry "Hugh" Shelton.  Citing the more than four million people in South Sudan who are in need of urgent aid, the hundreds of thousands forced to flee their homes, and the thousands who have lost their lives, the letter stresses the national security and moral implications for the United States as long as the conflict continues.

"U.S. leadership is needed now to end this humanitarian catastrophe and stem the very real risk of regional proxy warfare - such action is in our national interest and the right thing to do," write the retired admirals and generals.