Clergy, Generals, & Kids Urge US Sens Not to Join N. Korea, Iran & Syria


Friday, May 31, 2013
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Clergy, Military Leaders, & Children Urge US Senators Not to Join North Korea, Iran & Syria
Viral Video Asking Senators to be “Good Guys, Not Bad Guys” Racks Up 500K Views Over Weekend

Washington, DC – The American Values Network (AVN) announced the launch of a video and email campaign to faith and veteran communities in the states of seven Senators opposing the international Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).  The animated video has gone viral this weekend with over 500,000 people watching the little girls plead for the Senators not to side with the dictators in Syria, Iran, and North Korea who are the only opponents of the treaty, and instead join U.S. faith and military leaders and the rest of the free world in supporting the treaty.

The short animated video, narrated by two young girls, tells the story about why the treaty is important to protect “families like theirs” around the world.  American Values Network began distributing it over the weekend through faith and veteran networks in KS, TN, MS, OK, AL, MT, and WY.  The video highlights support for the treaty from the Pentagon, the Vatican, and the World Evangelical Alliance, and explains how it will help protect our troops, missionaries, and countless innocent families by keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorist, dictators, and “other bad guys.”

“As the little girls say, there is a reason the bad guys are fighting the treaty and our churches, military, and all the good countries are supporting it,” said Eric Sapp, Executive Director of American Values Network. “Especially after the overwhelming response this video has received from faith voters and veterans in their states, we hope our Senators will think twice before casting their lot with these  dictators.”

The U.S. played a key role in developing the treaty, which is largely based on current U.S. law on import and export of weapons.  The American Bar Association has said the treaty will have no impact at all on Second Amendment issues, and President Obama is expected to sign it later this summer.  The treaty comes open for signatures today.  For more information and letters and op-eds by the treaty’s many supporters, visit:

Links to the seven videos:
Sen. Moran:
Sen Alexander:
Sen Baucus:
Sen Cochran:
Sen Inhofe:
Sen Sessions:
Sen Enzi:


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