Filling the Swamp

Republicans were elected promising to "drain the swamp."  But this week, Congress will vote to OVERTURN a bi-partisan anti-corruption rule requiring that international drilling and mining companies disclose payments made to dictators and warlords for mining and drilling rights. 

Funding Terrorists

The bi-partisan Lugar-Cardin rule was passed in 2010 in response to concerns over corruption and how these payments in oil-rich countries could be used to support terrorism.  We can't return to the days when international corporations bribe strongmen and terrorists to get cheaper access to resources, especially with ISIS's funding dependent on secret sales of oil. 

Congress, America is watching! 

The only way Washington politicians can hope to undo this rule is if no one is watching.  

First, Congressional Republicans tried to overturn their own ethics standards.  After voters forced them back down, Congress is now trying to remove ethics protections that had prevented our new Secretary of State's former corporation from enriching the personal coffers of men like Putin and Assad in exchange for drilling rights.