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End Corporate Bribes to terrorists!

The bi-partisan Lugar-Cardin rule was passed in 2010 in response to concerns over corruption and how these payments in oil-rich countries could be used to support terrorism.  We can't return to the days when international corporations bribe strongmen and terrorists to get cheaper access to resources, especially with ISIS's funding dependent on secret sales of oil.  

The Moral Sides of Lending Industry

At the beginning of the 21st century, things began to change. Direct lending companies entered the image and the approach has become the processing of as many loans as possible. And since these riders have no relationships with borrowers, and it is likely they are not interacting or gather again, they don't really care if the loan is something that can be reasonably managed. It is a simple transaction, there are no emotions involved. This is part of the reason why we saw a collapse of massive houses at the end of the last decade. Creditors have begun to grant loans to people who were really qualified, so they could get fast money. But now that we completely recover and the economy is so stable since it has been for years, it's time for us to study the role of Ethics in the profession of loans. 

The Moral Movie Project

Because movies are more than just entertainment...

Movies affect our lives. Moral movies are a way to start serious conversations that influence our culture and have a positive social impact. The Moral Movie Project works to promote Hollywood movies that lift up our values and move our country in a positive direction.  By lifting up moral movies to friends, families and faith communities, The American Values Network, together with Faithful Media, are working to change Hollywood for the better.

Little Boy

When 7-year-old Peter Flynt Busbee finds out his father, and best friend, is leaving home to go to war, he will do whatever it takes to make him stay. A gripping story about unconditional love, family, and the difficult decisions that we face to preserve them. Little Boy is a must see for the whole family.