American Values Network Mission

The Mission of the American Values Network (AVN) is to enroll, engage, and enable faithful Americans and others of goodwill to stand up, speak out, and actively participate in building up the American family and community values that have always been at the core of our successful efforts to create a “more perfect union."

We believe America needs leaders who understand public service is a calling, and who know they will be held accountable not only by voters, but by their Creator. We should not be afraid to proudly embrace the traditional and fundamental values that have guided and defined our country since its inception and helped make America a shining beacon of hope and freedom around the world.

The American Values Network and its state affiliates offer citizens a grassroots avenue to active involvement–engaging the issues they care about and the values that define our nation.

In so doing, the American Values Network seeks to be the SALT of public and political discourse in America, preserving our values and heightening awareness of the key ingredients required for a prosperous society.

American Values Network goals:

Speak Out for an Effective and Active Engagement of Faith in the Public Square

Activate Community Grassroots and Communications Networks

Learn How to Get Real Results in the Political and Public Policy Process

Tackle the most pressing moral issues of our time

Our Campaigns 

The Working Poor

Ayn Rand vs Jesus

Tea Party Jesus

Climate Change

Nuclear Security

Arms Trade Treaty

Moral Budget Debate